Preparing for Quilting

  • Please do not pin or baste layers together. Each layer will be loaded onto the quilting frame separately.
  • Quilt Top: Press seams well and clip off any loose threads from the front and back. It is important that the top is well pressed to prevent tucks or pleats during the quilting process. Inspect the top to be sure it is square and lies flat. We will want to discuss any “wavy” or ” puffy” areas during the initial consultation so that we can discuss quilting options to mask any imperfections that occur in any pieced quilt.
  • Embellishments should only be applied AFTER the quilting is complete. While not required, a row of stitching applied 1/4 inch or less from the edge of the quilt will prevent stretching. This is particularly useful for pieced borders or quilts with lots of bias edges. If your quilt has a definite “top”, please mark it with a note pinned to the top.
  • Backing: Backing should be seamed so that it is at least 6″ wider and longer than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 72″ x 92″, the backing should measure at least 78″ x 98″.  Please seam the backing so that it is a horizontal seam rather than a vertical seam.  Please trim off the selvage edges before seaming your backing. Sides should be straight, and the backing squared.
  • Batting: Batting should be at least 6″ wider and longer than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 70″ x 90″, the backing should measure at least 76″ x 96″. For best results, use a high quality batting suitable for machine quilting.  I have a poly/cotton blend available if you don’t provide batting to me.  There is a charge of $.02/square inch for the
  • Thread: There no need to provide your own thread.  If you do provide me with thread, I may have to disallow use of it due to possible damage to the machine. I have a wide variety of high quality threads for you to choose from. One thread, of your choice, is included in the per inch quilting charge.
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