Prices & Services Offered

Quilting Services

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for a price quote. We offer edge-to-edge quilting in whatever format you’d like to use. We will help you choose the perfect quilting design that enhances your quilt and meets your budget.

The cost for your project is determined by the size of the quilt as well as your quilting choices. To calculate the square inches, simply multiply the length by the width, as measured in inches. Please note that all measurements are taken before the quilting is completed– the finished size will be slightly smaller, depending on the density of the quilting.

BASTING: $0.005 per square inch

We can baste together your quilt layers in preparation for hand quilting. Basting consists of extra large stitches, stitched in a grid pattern, approximately 3″ apart.

EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING: $0.015 per square inch

A continuous design is applied over the entire quilt. We have many edge-to-edge patterns to choose from and there are hundreds more available.

EDGE TO EDGE PLUS BORDERS: $0.020 per square inch

An edge to edge design is quilted across the central blocks of the quilt. The borders are outlined and quilted with a complementary design. This is an inexpensive option that results in a more custom look by highlighting the borders.

Minimum of $10.00 Set-up fee for all quilts, adjustable by size only.

Additional Services


Additional services, such as attaching binding, hanging sleeve and/or label, and performing repairs are available for a small charge.

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